The 28 family routines that can boost your child’s development

  • Parent(s) have some time each day for just talking with the children
  • Parent(s) have certain things they do every morning while getting ready to start the day
  • Working parent has a regular play time with the children after coming home from work
  • Working parent takes care of the children sometime almost every day
  • Children do the same things each morning as soon as they wake up
  • Parent(s) and children play together sometime each day
  • Non-working parent and children do something together outside the home almost every day (e.g. shopping, walking, etc.)
  • Family has a ‘quiet time’ each evening when everyone talks or plays quietly
  • Family goes some place special together each week
  • Family has a certain ‘family time’ each week when they do things together at home
  • Parent(s) read or tell stories to the children almost every day
  • Each child has some time each day for playing alone
  • Children take part in regular activities after school
  • Young children go to nursery the same days each week
  • Children do their homework at the same time each day or night during the week
  • Parents have a certain hobby or sport they do together regularly
  • Children have special things they do or ask for each night at bedtime (e.g. a story, a good-night kiss, a drink of water)
  • Children go to bed at the same time almost every night
  • Family eats at the same time each night
  • At least some of the family eats breakfast together almost every morning
  • Whole family eats dinner together almost every night
  • At least one parent talks to his or her parents regularly
  • Family regularly visits with the relatives
  • Family checks in or out with each other when someone leaves or comes home
  • Working parent(s) comes home from work at the same time each day
  • Family has certain things they almost always do to greet the working parent(s) at the end of the day Parent(s) have certain things they almost always do each time the children get out of line
  • Children do regular household chores

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